We lovingly press and blend all our juices by hand in the beautiful Bay of Plenty. All our juices are then blast frozen to preserve all organoleptic properties. This then allows you to consume your juice at your own convenience, without unnecessary spoilage. Each process below was meticulously designed to develop a high quality, eco-friendly end product. We never add any colorants, water, sugars, chemicals, preservatives and flavourants to our juices!

Locally Sourced Produce

We source all our produce within New Zealand from only the best farms and stores.

Ozone Washed

We Ozone wash all our produce to remove any farm soils from it. Ozone water treatment is a method that reduces contaminants through ozone’s oxidative strength. This effective method kills any bacteria, viruses, fungus & other pathogens from the surface of the vegetables and fruits thus making them cleaner and safer to eat. The ozonation wash process is a safe, efficient and an environmentally friendly cleaning solution.

Cold Pressed Juice

We only use raw natural produce when pressing our juices. We ensure there is no heating of the ingredients, . The process extracts the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals from our fruits and vegetables, delivering it to your body in a tasty package.

Blast Freezing

We then wash our bottles with ozonated water to ensure extreme cleanliness. Our labels are carefully added and then filled with the juice just pressed. Once we have sealed the bottle we add our juices to a blast chiller. Then the exciting process begins! Our juices are blast chilled to -30°C in just under 2 hours! Blast chilling cold pressed juice to this temperature ensures we preserve the organoleptic properties (color, smell & taste) of the juice that enables it to preserve in a freezer for up to 3 months! Once frozen we store them immediately in a temperature controlled chiller until delivery.

Packaging + Delivery

We deliver our juices nationwide to your door in the Woolpack Technology. The insulated box comes with 2 wool liners that are recyclable and compostable. There are ample ways to re-use the wool for various purposes. Click here to see how.Due to the fact that we blast freeze our juices to -30 degrees, our juices will stay cool and frozen in our insulated packaging for up to 5 days during transit. Thawing during transit is also completely normal. As long as there is still ice in the juices, ice packs and the interior box temperature is cool, it is completely safe to re-freeze. Once delivered keep the packaging closed until you are able to store the juices in a freezer. It is recommended to place inside your freezer as soon as you are able once delivered. Due to the longevity of the frozen juice, we do not ship internationally and only ship within limited areas of New Zealand.
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